Used & Discounted Buildings

Better Barns has a list of gently used buildings. For an up-to-date list, please call (405) 783-4370.



3926thumb3926 insidethumb







SOLD!#3926 is a red and white 10×12 painted lofted barn. 10×4 loft in back. Cash price: $2,370. Rent-to-own price $2,450. SOLD!











#2835 is a 10×20 stained porch barn. It has a loft in back and over the porch. Cash price: $4,350. Rent-to-own price $4,400.


3851 insidethumb






SOLD! #3851 is a 12 x 28 stained side porch barn. Storage lofts overhead. Cash price: $6,700. Rent-to-Own price: $6,800. SOLD!

3951thumb3951 interiorthumb






SOLD! #3951 is a 10×16 painted side loft barn with a white metal roof. Cash price: $3,200. Rent-to-own price: $3,415. SOLD!


Metal porch barnthumb

metal porch Barn interiorthumb






#3801 is an 8×16 lofted porch barn with metal sheathing over the wooden structure. Cash price: $3,200. Rent-to-own price $3,400.



Painted economythumb

inside painted economythumb






#3023 is an 8×12 economy shed. Cash price: $1,700. Rent-to-Own price, $1,825









#3852 is a 10 x 12 stained wood pavilion. Cash price or RTO: $2,344.50.


Prices subject to change without notice. Call  405-783-4370 to confirm specifics.

Last Updated 6/6/15 9:06 a.m.



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