Used & Discounted Buildings

Better Barns has several gently used buildings for sale. For an up-to-date list, please call (405) 783-4370.












#4323 is a painted 12×24 Gable building with a 4′ porch.

The enclosed area is 12×20. It has 2 windows.

There are 6′ double doors on the end opposite the porch.

Steps and a mower ramp are included.

Rent-to-own price: $6,500; Price with cash discount: $6,400.






#4484 is an unpainted 8×20 Economy shed.

It has 8′ of double shelving on the end wall.

Rent-to-own price: $2,575; Price with cash discount: $2,500.



43544354 inside


#4354 is a 12×24 painted Gable building with interior work. Includes insulation, electrical, OSB interior finish, 9-Lite door, radiant barrier decking, windows and vents.

Rent-to-own price, $9,250. Price with discount for cash, $8,950.




44584458 inside


#4458 is a 14×40 urethane Side Porch Gable with an extra door and two additional insulated windows.

Rent-to-own price: $11,120. Price with discount for cash: $10,900






#3851 is a stained 12×28 Side Porch Barn with some electrical wiring.

Price $6,750. With cash discount, $6,500.





4249 inside



#4249 is a 12×36 Side Porch Barn with a redwood urethane finish and two extra windows.

Cash price $8,100. Rent-to-Own price $8,300.










# 3589 is a painted 12×32 L-Porch Gable with 3 windows and a 9-Lite Door. Cash price, $8,100. Rent-to-Own price $8,300.





2503 (a) thumb

2503 (c) thumb

#2503 was previously used as an office.

The 8×16 building has five windows, a couple of doors, a white metal roof, electricity, an air conditioner framed into the wall, insulation, paneling and flooring.

Cash price $4,995. Rent-to-own price $5,395.







#3846 is a stained 12×24 Side Porch Barn with two windows, walk-in door and loft in each end.

Rent-to-Own price: $6,250. Price with discount for cash: $5,600.




Prices subject to change without notice. Call  405-783-4370 to confirm specifics.

Last Updated 9/28/16 @ 2:56 p.m.



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